Our story

OK comes from the letters in ‘One Kind’ 
which tells the story of the unique beauty of each woman,
 expressed through her jewelry.
Each piece is designed from designers with global footprints, with
 ‘The highest quality and the fairest price’.
Each piece’s handicraft conveys the feels of
 ‘Mysterious and retro culture &style’.
Every piece is ok for every woman to
 ‘Try in her own home or share with friends’
Every piece’s jewelry is like oneself, 
One Kind, beautiful and unique.

Since I was young, I was never concerned if a brand was famous or not.  I was only concerned with, Is this what I want? Is this good enough for me?  Over time, I achieved a consumer philosophy of “This is me, but not because it’s expensive”.


I am obsessed with the retro and mysterious style of jewelries, and I often have friends tell me that only you can handle this style. They often say this, while following me in my purchasing trends.


I am familiar with the process of self-satisfaction and being "followed” or “fanned”.  Not only can you control the bold fashion style, but in the process also evolve your own style and become a better self.


To be yourself and to do what you truly love and identify with, is to develop your inner strength. I believe that every woman can become a unique inspiration in that process of truly understanding herself and achieving what her heart desires.